Workers Lifestyle Group’s multi-year support of BYSA (Blacktown Youth Services Association) is an example of social sustainability in action. BYSA has been part of the Blacktown community since 1986. Yet, in 2020 when they met the Board of Directors of Workers Lifestyle Group, they were as close to permanently closing their doors as they had ever been.

The Board of Directors of Workers Lifestyle Group were introduced to BYSA in 2020 to assist with a simple funding of $4,000 to purchase food and hygiene pack to assist young people who were often in a situation that left no access to these essentials. It was during this meeting that the Board of Directors came to learn that BYSA currently had no government funding or any other significant support.

From that fateful meeting, the whole of organisation effort to raise funds for BYSA commenced. Workers Lifestyle Group holds a core value that we put people and community first. This was an organisation that had existed in the Blacktown community for many years, was there for our young people in need, and had goals around generational change – breaking the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and incarnation.

Within 18 months, funding support for BYSA had reached over $135,000 through grants from the Board of Directors through to major fundraising initiatives such as the Outdoor Cinema and CEO & Co sleep out, with the ultimate goal being to ensure that BYSA could continue to operate until that all important major funding partner was found.

The work with BYSA was on hold through 2022, while they focused on securing the much needed funding. Thanks to the funds raised by Workers Lifestyle Group, they were able to keep their managers employed while they developed their model. The positive outcome of all this effort from the Board of Directors, management and staff of Workers Lifestyle Group is that BYSA has secured funding by Ramsay Health and Packer Foundation.

The Board of Directors are very happy for BYSA and extend their thanks to all that helped make this tangible outcome a reality. Now we look forward to continuing working with BYSA as a valued partner with future funding opportunities and other ways to work together for our shared goals currently being explored.