Love Bites Program

Workers Lifestyle Group has had the privilege of partnering with NAPCAN to enable the training of professionals to conduct the Love Bites Program.

This program aims to break the cycle of domestic abuse through teaching young people aged 15-17 to engage in respectful relationships.

The training is conducted over 2 days and enables the participant to run the program in local high schools.

30 participants received training during May. The sessions are in such high demand that Workers Blacktown has agreed to fund a 2 further training sessions for another 60 professionals during 2024.

The overall aims of the program are to equip young people with the knowledge needed to have respectful relationships, encourage and develop their skills in critical thinking and assist them in being able to problem solve and communicate effectively.

When equipped in these areas, NAPCAN believes that young people can make the right choices for themselves and their relationships that are free from violence and abuse. Scan the QR Code for more information.