The Board of Directors at Workers Lifestyle Group have committed $500,000 over five years to implement the “Western Sydney Changing Diabetes” program. This highlights the Group’s commitment to encouraging a healthy lifestyle for the sake of the wellbeing of the entire community.

Workers Lifestyle Group are partnering with Western Sydney Diabetes, part of the Western Sydney Local Health District, to deliver the program to the Blacktown community.

This commitment was announced via a launch event at Workers Blacktown on Thursday 8th December.

Glen Maberly, Director of Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD), spoke about people with diabetes having four times the risk of heart failure and twice the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and dementia. It is also the main cause of preventable blindness and a 20% increase in cancer, while one in three people with diabetes develop kidney disease and 2% will have amputations.

But we also have a great opportunity to reduce the incidence of diabetes and associated conditions, by improving our awareness and adjusting lifestyles. As explained at our launch event at Workers Blacktown, a weight reduction of just two kilograms can prevent 30% of people developing diabetes.


We also heard from one of our members at Workers Blacktown, Brenda Simms, who is no longer insulin dependent after embarking on a weight loss and fitness program a few years ago. Her story was inspirational.


The objectives of the Western Sydney Changing Diabetes program are:

  • Create a whole of community approach
  • Increasing awareness of diabetes and the risk of diabetes
  • Creating awareness on the opportunities for early detection
  • Creating awareness for prevention through lifestyle changes
  • Reduce type 2 diabetes in the community of Blacktown where it is currently prevalent.

The Workers members are set to benefit the most as the program is rolled out within our clubs. Many of you would already have seen the SiSu Health Stations located at Workers Blacktown and Workers Sports. These stations are designed to give you a free health check in under 4 minutes.

The innovation Sisu Health Station will help you understand your health status in under four minutes. You can measure, track and improve your health with tests for diabetes risk, heart age, body composition and more. Simply take the Free Health Check at a Sisu Health Station, make some healthy changes, then take another Free Health Check to check your progress.

Other key activities and events include:

  • More healthy interactive displays via our regular stalls in the Grand Walkway at Workers Blacktown
  • CSIRO-inspired healthy menu options available right now at Blue Gum Café
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations that will help members learn fun and simple ways to eat better
  • Diabetes Detection Program which gives members a comprehensive test for diabetes along with information about diabetes and lifestyle choices that affect the likelihood of developing it.

Plus stay turned for many more healthy lifestyle activities and events to come.